John Galliano's 'Brother' Joe Returns to Conan, Hilarious Hats Ensue [VIDEO]

Since last week's announcement that disgraced Dior designer John Galliano was returning to fashion—at the behest and charity of the goodwill of Oscar de la Renta, who's opened his studio to Galliano over the next few weeks—few details have emerged about what, exactly, Galliano is up to in New York. (We hear he's working out at the Equinox in the West Village!)

You know who does know what John Galliano has been up to? His fake-brother Joe—a regular on the Conan O'Brien show and wearer of many absurd hats. Last night, Joe was back on Conan talking about John. Behold, below, the many glorious hats of Joe Galliano (along with a video clip of his guest appearance):

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