Is Legwear Getting Sexier? Blame '50 Shades of Grey.'

(Courtesy of Wolford)

Have you noticed that socks and tights are getting sexier lately? WWD has, and they're chalking it up to the 50 Shades of Grey effect. 

Inspired by sales of the S&M trilogy (and all the buzz surronding the casting of the upcoming 50 Shades film), legwear designers are suddenly really into cut-outs, back seams, and, of course, fishnets. 

Martina Brown, the head of marketing at fancy hosiery purveyor Wolford, told WWD that, "we do satisfy the needs that have been created by the book," while La Perla creative director Giovanni Bianchi is turning the brand's focus to racier styles (think sheer netting, embroidery, and lace). 

Tell us, have you bought sexy tights lately? Or sexy socks? Do those even exist? We tried Googling "sexy socks," and this is what we found: 


Wait, what were we talking about again? 

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