It's Lena Dunham's Week, Year... Heck, Generation

(Courtesy VOGUE/Annie Leibovitz/Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Europe)The February issue of Vogue features a doe-eyed cover photo of the sensational Lena Dunham. We love the shot (below) with its nod to glamorous '60s icon, Twiggy. Shot by Annie Leibovitz, master of capturing her subjects’ innermost feelings in a photo, we can almost *hear* what she is thinking:

Oh god…Oh my…this is a Vogue cover. Be cool. Or. At least. Be as cool as any smart, successful women ON the cover of Vogue would be. Oh my…what am I doing here? 

(Courtesy VOGUE/Annie Leibovitz)
Or maybe that is just us wanting Lena to really be Hannah.

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