Hermes's $91,000 T-Shirt, Vera Wang's Controversial Wedding Dress Try-On Fee, and More!

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How eccentric of a rich person do you have to be to buy a $91,000 crocodile t-shirt from Hermes? Very eccentric? Medium eccentric? As The Awl points out, the tax alone on a top that spendy would be $8,000. [The Awl]

Vera Wang's new Shanghai bridal store has become the target of criticism, thanks to it's $482 try-on fee. That's right, brides-to-be must put down a deposit before stepping into the fitting room — if the customer buys a dress, the money is deducted from its price tag, but if she doesn't, it's gone forever. The policy is meant to "protect the copyright of the designer," the company said in a statement. [Vogue UK]

Okay, we know Stella McCartney's egg decorator app is meant for children, but it's so cute we just had to try it! []
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J.C. Penney senior vice president of product development and design Nick Wooster on how to fix the struggling retailer's problems: "Make cute shit." [WWD]

Rita Ora performed at the super fancy Bal De La Rose Du Rocher event in Monte-Carlo wearing a custom bustier and be-skirted hot pants by Karl Lagerfeld. Cleavage roses! [MTV Style]

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Victoria Beckham tweeted a photo of a look from her forthcoming Icon collection. [InStyle UK]

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