The Top 10 Moments from 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 19, Episode 11: Leila Hates Horses

It's getting down to the wire! After last night's episode only three girls remain in the competition to become America's Next Top Model—and next week is the season finale! Can you believe it's almost over?

With Mean Girl and Home School Girl far, far away from the ladies left in (cue Tyra voice) "beautiful Ja-mai-ca!" the arguing, crying, and all-around dramatic theatrics were left to a minimum this week—but the judging panel was another story. Especially on Twitter.

Don't know what we're talking about? Well read on for the top 10 moments from America's Next Top Model Cycle 19, Episode 11, "The Girl Who Freaks Out On Horseback."

10) Leila slams Kristin: Now that the Mean Girl has left and is back to doing whatever it is that mean girls do in their spare time, Leila takes a moment to remind us all that she's better than said Mean Girl. "I got the best photo, and Kristin and Laura were in the bottom two. I'm really sad that Kristin went home... I'm kidding. I'm so happy!"

9) Laura is the new Home School Girl: It's been awhile since we've had a good hearty dose of mommy missing on the show, since you know, Victoria (the ultimate example of separation anxiety) peaced in Episode 9. Last night, we saw Laura on the phone with her former-model momma, crying and asking for advice—with lots of tears and emotions in tow. But unlike HSG, Laura seems more genuinely-upset than overly-attached, so we sympathize.

8) A horse "talks" to Laura: For this week's challenge, the girls had to film a self-written commercial promoting Jamaican tourism—and deliver the script while riding horseback. This enthralls the gloomy Laura who reveals she's lived on a ranch with acres, a pond, and horses all her life, to which Kiara rolls her eyes. Laura then gets super giddy and yells to the horsies, "Hi! Hi, babies!" And they, apparently, talked back. (See above.)

7) Rob Evans judges the horse challenge: Last night Rob Evans helmed the challenge... Breaking! We interrupt this show review to bring you way more important news than Rob looking pretty in swim trunks last night—yes, more important than a beach bum Rob Evans!

After being named a fugitive for assaulting a man in Beverly Hills and ignoring police requests—plus disappearing for a 12-day hiatus on Twitter—the hunky male model is back! And let us know it via social media last night.

Note both Bryanboy and Kelly Cutrone seemed shocked and happy for his return. Hm... No Tyra, though. Ohhh, sounds like someone's in trouble!

6) Leila freaks out major: If you remember from last week, Leila and wild trained animals don't really seem to get along well together. First a dolphin straight up smacked her with its fin, then this week, her horse started going berserk—maybe because she was freaking out from the moment she sat on it. "Stop! Stop! Please, please, please, please!" she yelled as the horse trotted along. Leila looked, in one word, terrified.

5) Boy oh boy, does Kiara have a potty mouth: Even Rob Evans—the (alleged) face-punching fugitive—seemed disgusted by the string of obscenities to leave Kiara's mouth when she couldn't remember the words to her own self-scribed script. Hint to the Basketballer: We know you keep comparing the modeling competition to a fourth quarter game-winning jump shot, but this is not the court—and cussing won't convince people to visit Jamaica. Sorry, darling.

4) Kiara cries to Bryanboy on set: The four remaining contestants finally shot the campaign for Tyra's super-hyped-up, much-talked-about, ANTM fragrance Dream Come True. Kiara got all choked up in the meaning and delivered, once again, another heartfelt (and kind of melodramatic) monologue to Bryanboy about how much this competion means to her, why she deserves this title, and how winning ANTM would be, in fact, her dream come true.

Meanwhile Laura is fuming: "Just because I get along with my mom doesn't mean I haven't had to work hard and this isn't my dream come true, too."

3) Kelly Cutrone has an interesting way of describing what "too sexy" is: Even though this is a competition about being half-naked half the time and romping around in itty-bitty bikinis—young girls watch the show. And young girls want to buy ANTM perfume, so the models were instructed to look "happy" but not "sexy."

Leila, who's credited for being more high-fashion than commercial, didn't quite get the message. Here's what Kelly had to say about her photo: "It's a pretty shot. I think it's a little pretty-sexy girl, like a little ba-bammy. A little ba-bammy for the customer, I think. If it were for a Versace fragrance or Calvin this type of look wouldn't be so bad. But I feel it's a little too sex-potty for the brand."

Uh, Ba-bammy?

2) Eep! Bryanboy wears a wig: Seriously, in our eyes, Bryanboy can do no wrong. Whatever over-the-top thing the style blogger wears, he somehow manages to pull it off and (in the words of a rival fashion TV show host) make it work.

1) Kelly apparently doesn't feel the same: When Kelly gives Kiara a "7" instead of an "8" on her photo for not connecting with the camera, Bryanboy steps up for his fave and lashes out, "You're such a hater, Kelly!" You know Kelly doesn't let anything slide. So how'd she respond? "Bryan, hunny I'll see you afterward, and I'm going to rip that wig off your head, bitch!"

Run, Bryanboy, run!

What was your favorite moment of last night's episode? Are you glad to see that Rob Evans is back off the fugitive trail? And who do you think is going to win it all? Sound off in the comments below!