Baseball Players Are The Best Friends Ever, And Here's Why

(Photo via Twitter)

Baseball players are apparently much better friends to one another than we are to our besties  — and, we bet, you are to yours — because a) they give their buddies gifts, oh, just because. (When was the last time you did that?) And b) they don't give just any ol' presents, they give their pals brand-spankin'-new Christian Louboutins! (When have you ever done that?)

Take these spiky suede kicks, above, for instance. Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips bought these babies for Boston Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino. Did we mention these guys are competitors?

(Photos by Getty) Brandon Phillips and Shane Victorino

It's like the equivalent of Alber Elbaz calling up Karl Lagerfeld and being all like, "Hey Lagie, I found these ah-mazing Air Jordans at Foot Locker today and just had to buy them for you!" (Or, you know, something like that.)

Okay, okay, but all jokes aside, Victorino (who's known as the Flyin' Hawaiian' in baseball-land) was mighty grateful for his "Red Bottoms" and sent Phillips a heartfelt thank you tweet — confirming that, yup, baseball guys are basically the best ever.

Now, hear us out, if ball players love Christian Louboutin so much, what if the French footwear designer sponsored the MLB? Can you imagine? Studded cleats? Gem-encrusted laces? Oooh, Louboutin giveaway nights at the stadium — buy one ticket at full price, get a Loubi free? The possibilities are endless!

But really, can we make this happen?