Kanye Collaborates With APC, The (Surprising) Reason Karl Lagerfeld Is Okay With Fur, and More!

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This weekend, French brand A.P.C. announced via Twitter that they teamed up with Kanye West on a collection that's set to hit stores July 14th. Surprise! Kind of — Kanye's been dropping hints about this collaboration forever. [Styleite]

While Karl Lagerfeld doesn't wear fur himself, he's down with using it in his designs because "those beasts...would kill us if they could." Hmm. We can't recall the last time someone was maimed by a bunny. Or a chinchilla. [Refinery29]

Lulu Guinness teamed up with artist Joseph Steele on a limited-edition collection of 180 splatter paint clutches. [The Telegraph]
(Lulu Guinness)

Tattoo-print tights are the latest fashion craze to hit Japan. We're partial to this Karl Lagerfeld pair. [The Gloss]


In her latest vlog for PC Magazine, Coco Rocha hates on Google Glass. Sample quote: “I think the main problem with most examples of ‘wearable tech’ is that the emphasis is overwhelmingly put on the tech rather than it being truly wearable." Preach. [PC Mag]

Jay-Z has a track on Magna Carta Holy Grail called 'Tom Ford.' The chorus? 'Tom Ford, Tom Ford, Tom Ford.' [Vogue UK]
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