Zadig & Voltaire Plans to Open a Hotel in 2014, Pre-Emptively Bans Chinese Tourists

French contemporary label Zadig & Voltaire announced plans to open hotels in Paris beginning in 2014—but its founder says Chinese tourists can't stay there.

"It will be a slightly private hotel, not open to everybody, with 40 rooms," founder Thierry Gillier told WWD. "We are going to select guests. It won't be open to Chinese tourists, for example. There is a lot of demand in Paris—many people are looking for quiet with a certain privacy."

No news yet on how the banning of Chinese people will impact the brand's business in Hong Kong—which, in case they hadn't already realized, is full of Chinese people with Chinese money.

Also, how about this: Take a tip from math and maybe don't wholesale ban 20 percent of the world's population from something. Also, don't be a racist.
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