Vivienne Westwood Spent a Week in the Amazon Rainforest for Charity! [VIDEO]

(Getty Images) Designer Vivienne Westwood in Los Angeles in 2011.

Last November, Vivienne Westwood and her husband Andreas Kronthaler headed to Peru with the charity Cool Earth — an organization that raises funds to stop rainforest destruction, and helps to pull locals out of poverty by providing them with better health care and education. 

Westwood and Kronthaler, who made a £1 million donation to Cool Earth prior to the trip, traveled to the Rio Ene Valley, where they stayed among the Ashaninka tribe and adopted some local customs — like, washing in nearby rivers, and participating in shamanic healing ceremonies. 

The 71-year-old did bring along a few familiar items from home, though — her clothes! Check her out hiking along the Amazon trails in some Vivienne Westwood originals. 

(Courtesy of Cool Earth) Designer Vivienne Westwood during her trip to the Amazon.

We suggest taking a peek at Cool Earth's website to learn more about the charity and Vivienne Westwood's efforts to protect the rain forest. And, in the meantime, here's a video from the designer's Peruvian trip. 

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