The Top 10 Moments from 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 19: The Grand Finale

(Photos via The CW)

This is it! The moment of truth—which remaining contestant will win the title of America's Next Top Model for the, uh, 19th time?

Will it be Kiara, the tough-as-nails basketballer from California; Laura, the strong and fierce competitor with famous parents; or Leila, the high-fashion gap-toothed girl who returned from an unexpected elimination?

We'll dissect our favorite moments from the finale, and reveal the winner of the competition, right here—and, just to be safe, we've noted where the spoiler alerts are in the prompt below, so if you don't want it ruined for you, don't read the last two moments.

Are you ready? Here goes nothing! Read on for our top 10 moments from America's Next Top Model Cycle 19, Episode 12, "The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model."

10) Kelly picks a fight with a photographer: For the girls' final photo shoot, they were snapped for a Nine West shoe campaign—you know, the one Tyra's been talking about all season long. Well Kelly, who's representing "the client," stirred up a little heat on the set.

How? She snapped at the photog because Laura was plopped down on some stairs: "Why is she sitting? She's a 6-foot model, she should be standing!"

The two continued to make snide comments back and forth for a very uncomfortably lengthy amount of time—which, we'll note is totally brave on Jez's end because as we've learned from Maria at the start of the season, and Kell on Earth, and well, just about every single show Kelly "Cut-Throat" Cutrone's ever been on, you never snip at Kelly. Ever.

Oh and the whole super-awkward situation made Laura uncomfortable. So she cried. To Johnny, though—you also never let Kelly see you cry. Speaking of crying...

9) The girls get a surprise visit from their families: From episodes past, we knew Laura really missed her mom—but we clearly had no idea. The mother-daughter duo most certainly won the award for the most dramatic reunion in ANTM history. "Oh, she's so beautiful! Oh my God!" her mom yelled in a super-squeaky high-pitched squeal.

Can you guys imagine if Victoria had been in the final three? Now that would have made for some good reality TV.

8) Kiara's grandma is, like, the cutest grandma ever: Eep! Just look at how adorable she is! And we nearly teared up when Grandma got to meet Tyra. "I love you! I love you! You really don't know how much I love you!" she told the supe.

How did Tyra respond? By trying to talk to her in Spanish. It was sort of cute. But really?

7) Rob Evans is so hot that ghosts apparently kill for him: The runway show was held in Jamaica's Rose Hall, a centuries-old haunted plantation with an eerie ghost tale about a killer "White Witch." To make a long (ridiculous) story short, the ghost "murders" Leila, Kiara, and Laura because she's jealous they're hanging with Rob. The models, then, took to the runway to fight the spirit, and come back to life.

If you think that's dramatic...

6) Those mask creepy masks, wut?: In order for the guests to not be killed by the White Witch, they had to hide from the "angered spirit" in these super-creepy, Jason-esque white masks. But Tyra, Rob, Bryanboy, and Kelly appear to be immune from the witch's wounded soul. Yeah, we don't really get it either.

5) Model down! Model down! Leila fell while coming down the steep runway staircase and Kelly was all horrified like:


To make matters worse, Leila fell again. You can imagine the slip-up didn't bode well for her in the judging room.

4) Kiara has a panic attack: More runway drama! While slipping into one of Filipino designer Furne One's hauntingly beautiful gowns, Kiara gets a little stuffy and begs Johnny to remove the fitted neck-piece surrounding her face. Luckily, she cools off, takes a deep breath, and does the dang thing out there on the catwalk. In other words, she werked it.

3) Things got weird during the commercial break: No. No near brawls happened backstage (like when Kristin nearly fought Kiara) and Kelly didn't go into some sort of charade with Rob Evans on the judging panel—The CW aired a commercial for Naomi Campbell's new model-competition show on Oxygen, The Face. You know, the show Nigel Barker is now hosting since Tyra Banks gave him the boot from ANTM.

Um, can you say, "awkward?"

2) The final judging panel (spoiler alert!): If you don't want to know who got eliminated and who went home with the title of America's Next Top Model, just stop here. We're going to give away some big spoilers from the Cycle 19 season finale.

As with every single judging panel prior, Tyra read through the list of what the girls will win, should they emerge as victor from the competition. Then the judges went through the girls' Nine West campaign photos.

What we learned? There's apparently something called a "shoe-y tooch," which Laura nailed. And Tyra taught us a new, uh, modeling term—"pea head," it's when a model (like Kiara) gets an itty-bitty head from not moving their face toward a photographer.

As far as Leila goes, she killed it on the set, and the big-wigs at NYLON magazine loved the photo spread she shot for them, but ultimately, her major kaboom on the runway sent her walking—straight back to the US of A empty handed. Not going to lie, we we're pretty sad to see her go.

1) And America's Next Top Model is... It was a tough choice between Laura and Kiara, but the judges voted, and so did America, and they picked (drumroll, please...) Laura!

So there you have it! Laura James is America's Next Top Model. Was she your fave? If you could have picked, who would you have named? We'll see you for Cycle 20‚ but until then, sound off on your favorite moments from this season in the comments section, below!