Oscar the Grouch: Karl Lagerfeld's Latest Muse?

(Photo via 4.bp.blogspot.com)

Don't quote us on this (or, you know, do) but we're pretty sure Oscar the Grouch — yes, as in the grumpy green puppet from Sesame Street — has just joined the ranks of Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson, and Alexa Chung as one of Karl Lagerfeld's many muses.

BEHOLD: The hot-pink handbag from Fendi's fall 2013 collection with a big fuzzy face attached to it!

(Photo via ImaxTree)

Can we get a close-up, please?

(Photo via ImaxTree)

Oscar's look-a-like was also joined by McDonald's Fry Kids...

(Photos via ImaxTree; Etsy)

And the penguin from Angry Birds!

(Photos via ImaxTree; Wikia.com)

We kid, we kid! But hey, Oscar the Grouch has, after all, been rocking the bed-head look waaaay before it became a thing. Maybe the Kaiser's actually on to something, here.

Check out the entire Fendi fall 2013 collection (plus more jaw-dropping handbags!) below: