D.C. Residents Are Terrified of Fashion, Panicking About What to Wear for Inauguration

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Picking out an outfit for Barack Obama's inaugural ball would be a daunting task for anyone — we bet Beyonce, who is performing at the president's inauguration, is sighing in front of her rhinestone-filled closet right now — but for the notoriously fashion-averse people of Washington D.C., it's downright terrifying

Today, The Wall Street Journal made note of the fashions that cause D.C.-dwellers to break out into cold sweats. Some offending items: 


"Daring" Dresses (too "D.C. Madam") 

Bow Ties that aren't clip-ons




Fedoras (they "recall Jack Abramoff") 

Hair Gel

Okay those last two are a little scary. 

But what about inaugural ball-goers who want to look a little less Laura Bush, and a little more Michelle Obama? The WSJ talked to Tara McCredie, manager and buyer at Proper Topper, a boutique in Dupont Circle, about how she helps her customers prepare for dressy affairs. "We try to bring women along slowly, give them a little bit more edge…like this dress," she said, holding up a plain black sleeveless sheath with discreet white checks. "It has a pocket."

A pocket?! Excuse us, our monocle just popped out. 

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