Europe's 'Wild Men': Street Style BAMFs

(Charles Freger/National Geographic)

Here are some dudes who really know how to make an entrance.

National Geographic
photographer Charles Freger spent two years chronicling the men who take part in Europe's oldest rituals — from the Austrian town of Telf's Carnival, where a chosen "Wilder Mann" drapes himself in (and nibbles on!) lichen, to Italy's Schnappviecher (snapping beast) procession on Shrove Tuesday, which includes guys dressed in nightmare jumbles of fur and teeth.

The resulting photos of their handmade costumes are totally mesmerizing. Don't these guys look like folksier versions of metal band frontmen?

(Charles Freger/National Geographic)

I'll leave you with my favorite description from the album:

"Thousands of burrs adorn the Burryman. The man who plays the role at the Ferry Fair in Queensferry must collect all the burrs himself. Once dressed, he walks the town, accepting offers of money and whiskey and bestowing good luck."

(Charles Freger/National Geographic)

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