Behold: Jewelry Made from Seized AK-47s

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18k gold and AK47 steel ring (
Here's a mindblowing discovery (no pun intended) of the day for you—there's a company that creates jewelry and accessories from seized AK-47s!

As you know, fashion and guns have a rocky history. The Interwebs was up in arms a few months ago (just after the Aurora massacre) following a very ill-timed release of a Louis Vuitton-inspired hand gun.

But hold your fire—Fonderie 47, a jewelry brand that combines art and activism, designs with the mission of removing AK-47s and other assault rifles from war zones in Africa. Through partnerships with various organizations, each piece sold ends up funding the destruction of guns.

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Finding and destroying war weapons doesn't come cheap, though—which is reflected in the price tags. The above earrings, which are crafted from 18k gold and the steel from AK47s, cost $24,000 and $150,000, respectively.

We received a statement earlier today, citing the brand's newest collaboration—a collection with New York-based jewelry designer James de Givenchy.

"The Collection realizes new possibilities against the destructive past of the AK47," said Peter Thum, cofounder and CEO of Fonderie 47. "Each piece carries the power to destroy the tools of conflict and to reinterpret and transform the meaning of our ideals, our actions and our adornments."

To date, the brand has destroyed more than 20,000 assault rifles in Africa. Okay, now you get it—mindblowing, right?

Check out all of the pieces from the line's current collection here. (Guns, after all, are so en vogue right now.)

What are your thoughts on the company's mission? Would you ever buy jewelry crafted from old war weapons? Share your thoughts in the comments below!