Watch: This Cool Time Lapse Video of Alejandro Ingelmo's Fashion Week Presentation

Most of the time, what you guys—you dedicated followers of fashion!—get to see from Fashion Week are runway shots, product photos, and sneak peeks backstage at hair, makeup, and model hijinks. But have you ever wondered what a fashion week presentation looks like—built from scratch?

Check out this amazing time-lapse video shot before, during, and after shoe designer Alejandro Ingelmo's (that's him, on the right) spring 2013 presentation at New York Fashion Week.

Concepted by Ingelmo in collaboration with artist Sheila Pepe, the installation features Ingelmo's to-die-for footwear set atop mirrors, which in turn sit perched upon industrial cinder blocks.

The video showcases the building of the installation, rapid-fire shots of the presentation itself, and the break down. Fashion in a flash!

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