Sick Of All That 'Love Me' Licensed Stuff? Here's the Antidote!

(Photos via Urban Outfitters)

Chances are you're more than familiar with graffiti artist Curtis Kulig's signature "Love Me" mark — it's everywhere. We're not just talking on street corners and sides of buildings, though if you live in NYC, that too.

In the past few months it's been plastered on beauty products, T-shirts, sweat pants, Vans, beanie hats, ball caps, sweat shirts, luxury necklaces, socks, wall decals, pillow cases, bra tops, even (sigh) men's underpants. So, yeah, he's done a bunch of collabs.

Clearly people are eating this stuff up (it is cute, after all) but it seems some finally noticed the, uh, over-saturation and have come up with an antidote — we give you, the "Hate Me" tee.

(Photo via Instagram)

Also a prolific graffiti artist, New York-based designer Claudia Gold (aka Claw Money) Instagrammed the shirt earlier today, and in only a few hours, it's already clocked in a whopping 200+ likes. The tee isn't up for grabs just yet, but she says it's "#comingsoon."