Henna as Hair Relaxer

Many African American women spend thousands of dollars each year getting their hair chemically relaxed. But did you know there's a way to use henna to relax your hair? Yes! The same henna that is used as a natural hair dye, also has chemical relaxant properties.

You have to buy the powder, the real stuff not the commercial stuff, and activate it with lemon juice or olive oil. After it sets for 8 hours, mix in a bit more lemon juice until it forms a paste-like consistency.

You can then apply it to your hair, similar to the way you would apply color or relaxer. Hair should be natural, not recently chemically relaxed, treated or colored. Put on a heat cap after applying and let it set for 2-4 hours. It will dry to your scalp like mud.

Rinse your hair, don't be surprised by the red dye going down the drain, that's the natural color of the henna. Mehndi can be found in different places, but make sure to do your research as some can have damaging metal content. Mehandi.com is one of the places to acquire good henna online. Check it out!
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