Spruce Up Second-Day Hair With A Romantic Floral Braid

(Source: Klorane)There's nothing quite like freshly cleaned hair, but as any true beauty maven knows, washing your hair often is bad for your locks. Embrace second day hair and experiment with different ways to style your unwashed mane. It might just be because we're coming off of a Coachella buzz, but right now we're totally into braids. To help us find the perfect braid for our second-day hair, we called in the experts at Klorane to get the details on creating a floral-adorned, romantic French braid—one of the brand's most popular styles from its braid bar at Coachella.

(Source: Klorane)First, cleanse and refresh hair without water by spraying hair section by section with dry shampoo. The pros used Klorane Dry shampoo with oat milk ($15.60) on concert goers. Next, part hair into several sections and mist in Klorane Leave-in spray with flax fiber ($12.80) from root to ends to help boost body and add texture to unwashed hair. Part hair to the side and loosely weave a classic French braid. (A French braid is like a normal three-strand braid, except you gather more hair with each pleat. If you're still unsure or are rusty, here's a great video to help you sharpen your skills!)

Braid hair to the side to create a soft, Renaissance-esque feel. Keep each section loose and full to create the voluminous "old-world" feel. Once you've reached the end, tie off the braid. Loosen up the plait by pulling a few strands free from the braid and in front to frame the face. To add shine and keep the style in place, spray with your favorite finishing spray. Finally, give your 'do the ultimate whimsical touch with a few faux blossoms tucked sporadically into the braid.

(Source: Klorane)
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