DIY This At-Home Dry Shampoo Recipe

It's a lot easier—and cheaper—than you think.

DIY This At-Home Dry Shampoo Recipe
Thinkstock; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington

It's no secret we go weak in the knees for a good hair DIY. And we're always on the lookout for a Pinterest-worthy recipe to save for a long weekend. Thanks to Mercedes Parrilli, stylist for George the Salon in Chicago, we found our new go-to at-home dry shampoo recipe just in time for the holiday break. And the best part: the ingredients can already be found in our kitchens.

"Your cupboards hold everything you need to make your own dry shampoo," she says. 

Her secret for creating a lasting dry shampoo is a rather unlikely ingredient: cornstarch, which she says is more natural compared to baby powder and baking soda, but still retains the oil-absorbing properties desired in dry shampoo. See her secrets for creating the perfect DIY dry shampoo, below.



Unsweetened cocoa powder (for those with dark hair) 

Cinnamon (for those with red hair)

Essential oil (for those with light or blonde hair)


First, choose your ingredients based on your hair color. For the darker hair mixture, mix 1/4 cup cocoa powder with equal parts cornstarch. For the redhead formula, mix 1/4 cup cinnamon with equal parts cornstarch, as well. Finally, for light-colored hair, mix 1/4 cup of cornstarch with 3 to 5 drops of the essential oil of your choice. Once the ingredients are mixed, apply the mixture to roots with a large cosmetic brush or put into a salt shaker and apply. After application, rub in to absorb oil. Style hair as desired.


Besides reaping the benefits of using a dry shampoo—easier on hair color, saves time—making your own natural dry shampoo is inexpensive and allows you to avoid hazardous chemicals. In addition, this formula helps cleanse the scalp, which keeps hair follicles stimulated for healthy hair growth.

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