Meet the Chignon Ideal For Day to Night

Forget the top knot: This unique bun will be your new go-to 'do for lounging or going out.

Meet the Chignon Ideal For Day to Night
(Source: Latest-Hairstyles)

What could possibly be better than a look that can seamlessly go from day to night in a flash? We'd venture to guess nothing. So when we saw the fishtail chignon on Latest-Hairstyles from the How-To Hair Girl, we knew we had to share. Get the step-by-step details to create this surprisingly simple look.

Before starting, spray hair with a texture spray. 

1. Part hair down the back and create two side-by-side fishtail braids. Secure ends.

2. Starting at the ends and working your way up, gently pull the braids apart a bit to add texture and volume.

3. Take your braids and tie them together once, and then again. If your braids are long enough, tie them a third time. Tip: Don’t tie the braids too tight—you'll want the ends free.

4. Take the whole knot in one hand and gently roll it into your head, tucking the ends inward towards your your scalp so that they are hidden.

5. Use a large hair pin to secure the bun into the head, beginning at the top. Tip: Make sure to get the teeth of the pin through a braid and into the base of the hair under the bun.

6. Use another large pin to fasten the bun into the head from either side—securing the braided knot into the head. Add as many pins as you need to until your fishtail chignon feels secure.

See all the steps in action, below.

Meet the Chignon Ideal For Day to Night
(Source: Latest-Hairstyles)

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