Hair How To: Spice Up Your Basic Sock Bun with Some Braids

Hair How To: Spice Up Your Basic Sock Bun with Some Braids
(Photo courtesy of much as we love the sock bun, we have a confession. We're getting a little tired of it. Is there really nothing else new and exciting we can do to our hair on bad hair days? We scoured the Interwebs looking for a new take on the sock bun—hoping to find a solution to our very troubling problem. After much research, we found the answer courtesy of DIY blogger Mr. Kate. 

Mr. Kate is the alias of designer, stylist, and eccentric DIYer Kate Albrecht. On Mr. Kate's hilariously amusing YouTube channel (seriously, watch it now) we discovered just what we were looking for: a braided sock bun. Rejoice, there is a new and improved way to spice up the sock bun look we love so much!

As Mr. Kate so easily describes in the video, simply tie your hair into a high ponytail, as you would in prep for any old sock bun. Then place your sock bun tool over the pony and spread the hair around to create a "fountain of hair," as Mr. Kate calls it. Next, braid select pieces of hair and tie off with mini elastics. Place a second hair elastic over the fountain of braids to get the shape of the sock bun. Next, carefully pull out pieces of the bun to give it volume. Undo any remaining mini braids, and braid one larger section of hair instead. Finally, tuck in any loose ends of hair into the bun and wrap the single larger braid of hair around the base of the bun for touch of pizazz. See, it's really that easy.

Watch Mr. Kate's full video on how to get the braided sock bun look, right here.

And thank you, Mr. Kate, for giving us the inspiration we needed to give life to our boring old sock bun!

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