3 Pro Hairstylist Tips + Tricks That Will Change Your Life

Candice+Swanepoel in VS Fashion Show - Hair & Makeup
2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Backstage Hair & Makeup.Lexington Armory, New York, NY.November 10, 2010. (Bauer Griffin)more pics »You know that feeling when you leave the salon with a fresh cut and fabulous blowout, and you're all like this...

Miranda Kerr is the New Face of MangoYeah, what up, look at my hair.

Only to wash and dry your own hair the next time, and you end up feeling totally like this...

3 Pro Hairstylist Tips + Tricks That Will Change Your LifeUm, yeah, so, how did they do that?

Well, we're going to let you in on a little secret. Getting salon-worthy hair at home isn't impossible—even if you are hopeless with a hair dryer. (Guilty.)

We caught up with hairstylist Allison MacKenzie from Revolver Salon—the ultra-cool parlor located inside Manhattan's beauty drugstore chain and one-stop shop for every hair thing imaginable, Ricky's NYC—for her life-changing tricks of the trade.

Add these three easy-to-use tools and simple-to-follow secrets to your style arsenal to get gorgeous, professional-looking tresses each and every morning.

1) Invest in crease-preventing clips:
3 Pro Hairstylist Tips + Tricks That Will Change Your Life
"When I'm blow-drying or styling hair I like to use the long flat gold duck bill clips ($4.99)," says MacKenzie. "I find they are stronger than claw clips and hold more hair than butterfly clips. Also they are great for quick sectioning. The Rickycare Bone/Purple Soft Touch Sectioning Clips ($8) are great, too."

Still worried about creasing? MacKenzie recommends stuffing end papers or even a small tissue in between the clip and your hair—just like they do backstage at runway shows!

2) Keep your essentials organized:
3 Pro Hairstylist Tips + Tricks That Will Change Your LifeLeave less room for error by having all your go-to hair accessories—clips, rubber bands, bobby pins, hairspray—all in one place. This way, you'll be fully concentrated on what you're doing and won't, say, end up frying your ends with your straightener. (Not that we know this from experience or anything.)

"I like to use foldable makeup cases to keep small things like rubber bands, pin curl clips, and bobby pins organized, says MacKenzie. "I love the Luxor Quad Pack ($11.99). Each compartment has a clear front and a zipper for easy access. I organize everything by type and color, and because it folds into a smaller size, it's easy to store or take with me when I'm on location."

3) Find a hairbrush that works best for your hairstyle:
3 Pro Hairstylist Tips + Tricks That Will Change Your LifeYou know how stylists have, like, a hundred different brushing sitting at their desks, the same should go for your vanity. Well, not 100—but at least have a few options that, here's the key, work well for your hairtype and the kind of blowout you want.

If you've got curly or coarse hair, it's a sleek style you're after, MacKenzie recommends using a natural bristle-brush like the Spornette Diameter Brush (17.99). "Natural brushes with a metal or ceramic base conduct more heat and create more tension on the hair," she says, "which helps to pull out curl resulting in a straighter blowout. Natural bristles also help to distribute natural oils found on the scalp leaving the hair shinier and more healthy looking."

For straighter/finer-textured hair, opt for a nylon brush with a metal or ceramic base, such as the Rickycare Thermal Round Styler Brush ($9.99). "Nylon bristles create less tension and are more gentle on hair that is finer and more fragile," she says. "The heat conducted by the metal/ceramic base will be enough to smooth the cuticle and result in a beautiful sleek blowout."

For bouncy Miranda Kerr curls, go for a round brush with a bigger barrel and half-and-half bristles, like this Creative Brushes Creative Ceramic Oval ($22.99) one. "Heat, cool and then unwind the hair from the brush," says MacKenzie. "It gives you a very loose springy curl perfect for a night out."

Tell us, what is your hair routine like in the morning? Are you a blowdry-as-quick-as-possible and out-the-door kind of gal? Or do you take the extra time to style your locks out each day? Organized? Or all over the place? Sound off in the comments, below!