Ruh Roh: Did Suri Cruise Cut Her Own Bangs? [PHOTOS]

(Photo by FameFlynet Pictures)

Today in celebrity-kids-they're-just-like-us-and-yet-not-all news, Suri Cruise got bangs! And we're not exactly certain, but it's quite possible (read: extremely) that the pint-sized fashionista up and gave herself a fringe trim.

We'll let you make the call.


Poor, poor Suri's hair.

(Photo by Bauer Griffin)

But wait, there might be redemption yet! Doesn't her cut look awfully familiar? Is it... Could it be... Maybe Suri's trim was actually on purpose? Perhaps she, too, like us regular ol' normal-folk, has a celebrity hair crush of her own?

Ahem, Marion Cotillard's latest haircut, anyone?
(via The Cut)

Either that or maybe in an attempt to normalize Suri, Katie Holmes gave her the exact same haircut Barbie — you remember, when Mattel for some reason in the '90s thought it was a good idea to make a Barbie doll that comes with scissors — we used to play with when we were six years old...

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The results are strangely uncanny.