How To Do Your Hair With No Electricity or Running Water: 6 Easy Expert Tips

How To Do Your Hair With No Electricity or Running Water: 6 Easy Expert Tips
(Getty) L-R: Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus

We caught up with Kristina Barricelli, the creative consultant for innovative hair color system TouchBack Plus who's worked with celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, and Erin Andrews, to get her top tips on how to style your hair—without power or running water. Here's what she told us:

Here's an easy hairstyle that you can do without any tools: "Make a ponytail at the top of your head. Leave a loop at the top and then wrap the remaining hair around the base of your hair. Secure with a second ponytail holder. This look will create the illusion of volume in hair that's unwashed or limp."

How to manage grease: "Section your hair and use your fingertips to apply loose baby powder to dry out greasy hair. Brush your hair afterwards to even it out."

How to wash your hair without power: If you have a gas stove, "heat a pot of water on the stove—light the pilot with a match—and you can hand-wash your hair with warm water. To target your problem areas, shampoo your hair only at the scalp and the roots and condition your hair from the middle of the hair shaft to the ends. This helps take away that itchy feeling."

How to prevent breakouts: "What sometimes happens is that scalp gets greasy from sebum—and this can lead to breakouts. To help prevent breakouts, keep your hair back, off your face, after the second day of not washing."

How to get two hairstyles out of one updo: "For fine hair, wash it, and then wait for hair to be 90 percent dry. Secure your hair in a twisted bun on top of your head with hair pins—not a rubber band. Pinning your hair up will help give your hair volume and, once you take them out, your hair will be beautiful and wavy."

When all else fails, slick it back: "If you have unruly hair and you want to put it in a ponytail, use half serum and half gel to hold it and reduce the frizz. Just make sure not to touch your hair too much after you pull it back! If you touch your hair or run fingers through it, it will expand. For best results, use this product combo on wet hair straight out of the shower."

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