Five Must-Copy Tips for Keeping Your (Fake) Blonde Hair Looking Awesome

Five Must-Copy Tips for Keeping Your (Fake) Blonde Hair Looking Awesome(ThinkStock)

With the right colorist (and upkeep), bottle blonde can look amazing (And totally natural! If that's what you're after.) But when it goes wrong, it goes very, very wrong. So, in the interest of not looking like a contestant on Rock of Love after my newly-bleached-out 'do has been exposed to the elements for a few months, I asked hair genius Rita Hazan for her top tips on keeping dyed blonde hair fresh.

1. Invest in a shower filter.

"There are a lot of natural elements that get into the water that will alter your hair color. You can't do anything. The shampoos that are supposed to cleanse it don't do anything," Rita Hazan told StyleBistro. "You rinse the shampoo out and then you have to start again! Get a filter. Or go shower at the gym."

2. Don't overdo it with the purple shampoo.

While many colorists will suggest bottle blondes buy themselves some purple shampoo to combat brassiness, Rita thinks you should only use those products in moderation. "For me, tone is everything, " she said. "The problem with those shampoos, is some are too purple, or too blue, or too pink. If you overuse it, it can turn your hair muddy. It takes the brightness away."

3. Buy some at-home gloss.

"I have my glosses out that I created for maintenance at home," Rita told us. (We like her Ultimate Shine Foaming Gloss. It's $26 at "When you wash your hair
it does fade, but you can use glosses that are anti-brassy, or ones that give you gold tones."

4. Always use products for color-treated hair.

Seriously! Rita was pretty adamant about this. You don't even have to use fancy shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair.

5. Use a hair mask at the beach.

"Take a conditioning mask with you to the beach, throw it in your bag," Hazan told us. "When you're getting out of the water, keep putting it in your hair. It's the best thing for two reasons. One: It helps frizz. Two: The sun's doing a natural heat conditioning treatment on your hair. So your hair will stay good the whole summer."
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