Here's How Pippa Middleton Makes a Ponytail Wedding-Appropriate

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Now that Kate Middleton's officially bunkered down for the final prep stages of her pregnancy, her younger sister, Pippa, seems to have taken over the Duchess's royal-fascinator-wearing responsibilities—as seen, here, at Lady Melissa Percy and Mr. Thomas van Straubenzee's wedding this weekend.

The hat really makes that ponytail of hers so fancy, no?

However, if for some reasonI mean, I can't imagine what, but to each her own—you don't want to wear pearl-encrusted feather-antlers to the next nuptial event marked on your calendar, Middleton does have another pretty-up-your-pony solution for you.

Check out that back view! (Uh, of her hair that is...)

Instead of pulling her curl-boosted locks back into your average ole' normal-person ponytail, Middleton looped a portion of her hair into a messy bun of sorts at the base of her neck—it's almost as if she made a bun, then forgot to pin the bottom of her curls up. You know, in a calculated kind of way.

What do you think? It's certainly a crafty way to pull off a ponytail at a wedding—especially one of those mid-summer outdoor weddings you almost RSVP'ed "no" to just because outside-in-the-middle-of-July LOL, yarite.