Hold Up, Did Michelle Williams Just Get Justin Bieber's Haircut?

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The razor-cut sides, the in-between length, the flippy bangs. Holy déjà vu, did Michelle Williams — she, the pixie icon, who's rocked her bottle blonde crop for roughly six years — just, dare we ask, get a...

Justin Bieber?


Who knew Michelle Williams was a Belieber!

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But really, this whole Scrillex-y shaved side, swoopy bang look is gaining serious momentum in Hollywood — Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, the Biebs, the Biebs' 37 million+ followers (we're just projecting here) and now the Oz actress have all embraced the trend.

We're dying to know, what's your take on the cut, love or loathe? Sound off in our poll, below! But first, a last look at Williams' new piece-y fringe in all its fringe-y glory.

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Poll: Do you love or loathe Michelle Williams' shaved haircut?
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  • Sorry what? Hair flip. Mesmerized.
  • Leave it to the Biebs.