Braid of the Day: JWoww's Adorkable Pigtail Braids (+ Pics of Her Engagement Ring!)

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If this doesn't prove that the cast Jersey Shore is all grown up now (well, sort of...) we don't know what else does. A few weeks back, Snooki tweeted a photo of herself watching the presidential debate sans makeup. Then this past weekend, JWoww went to a Halloween party in a costume that bared not even the slightest amount of skin.

The newly-engaged star geeked it up on the red carpet in a blue puffed-sleeved button-down, plaid capris, argyle socks, Coach sneakers, taped-up glasses, and (the kicker) two delightfully adorkable pigtail braids. Of course, her fiance, Roger Mathews, dressed the matching part.

Here's another look at the nerdy-cute couple:

We love that anyone can recreate this look for Halloween—with one trip to Goodwill we're sure you can find all the components to this outfit. The more retro, the better. As for the braids? It's Halloween—go nuts with hair extensions, or you can even try your hand at a wig! Why not?

JWoww also took a moment on the red carpet to show off her fabulous new engagement bling. Check it out, below:

And now for a close-up...

Did you ever think you'd hear the words "JWoww" and "adorkable" in the same sentence? Neither did we! What do you think of her costume? Her ring? Let us know in the comments, below.