Beyonce's Colorist Talks About Perfecting the Mega-Star's Beautiful Blonde Shade

(Credit: Courtesy of Columbia Records)

When Beyoncé released her fifth solo album last week—it's truly a veritable visual masterpiece—all of the internet had an instant fit; yours truly included. (Check out our breakdown of the "Yonce" video's style, right here.) After immediately downloading Beyoncé, listening to every single track and watching all videos, I found myself in awe of Queen Bey—she works exceptionally hard and always looks crazy good, to boot.

Part of her utterly perfect appearance is down to her hair. Rita Hazan, celebrity colorist and owner of Rita Hazan Salon in New York City (where I get my hair colored, actually), looks after the gorgeous multi-tonal faux flaxen shade of Bey's strands. Here's what Rita had to say about creating the perfect color for Bey:

"Beyonce can basically have any hair color as long as it's with the right tone and style." She's been a bottle blonde for years now, which Rita is responsible for. Now Bey's working the look with dark roots. Wondering why? "The roots give it an edgier look, and with her olive skin, the darkness at the roots is needed to add depth so that she can go very light while complementing her skin tone. A solid blonde can wash out anyone with an olive skin tone, so the roots help to give the color depth."

This concept doesn't just apply to those with olive skin. If your complexion falls between the caramel and espresso range, having dark roots is your ticket to pulling off any blonde hue. And if you're already a natural blonde but want to play around with Rita's depth trick, just mist your roots with the Rita Hazan Root Concealer in Light Brown or Dark Brown/Black ($25, This temporary color spray gives you the look without any of the commitment.