3 Tips for Pulling Off the Wet Look (You Know, Just Like Beyonce)

(Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America, Christopher Polk/Getty Images North America)

When we saw a La Perla lingerie clad Beyonce straddling that chair during her sexy Flashdance-inspired performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards, we immediately knew one thing: The seemingly wet look is back. Intrigued? Below, three things you should know before trying to pull the lacquered look off.

1) It works best on hair with lots of natural texture. As you can see on Queen Bey, curly hair looks great when wet. (Stick straight strands tend to look stringy.) To enhance your nautral wave pattern, help it along by scrunching a texturizer—like Vidal Sassoon Waves Texturizing Gelee ($5.49 at Drugstore.com)—into your dampened mane for a super shiny, piecey, frizz-free, messy-on-purpose finish that'll hold the wet look for hours on end.

2) It's a look best suited for hair that's mid-length. Ultra-short hair can appear a little limp and floppy when wet, while too long locks can look wiry and slack. Saturated strands that fall just below the chin to just above the bust is ideal.

3) When it does finally dry, it'll look just like this. But only if you rough-dry the tips with a blast of cool air through a diffuser (tilted up towards the crown). It'll give your strands a slight boost of volume at the ends while the roots stay nice and smooth.