Summer Hair Inspiration: Sarah Michelle Gellar's Braided-Back Bangs

(Photo by Getty)

Raise your hand if you suffered from a case of the McBangs this weekend. You know the sitch, where your bangs (or the front pieces of your hair) get so greasy they resemble something off the menu at McDonald's? *Raises hand*

Well, we know for a fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar didn't this weekend, thanks in part to her super-savvy hairstyling tactics. Check out how she kept her face free of strand-sweat at the 7th Annual Kidstock Music and Arts Festival.

She loosely braided those pesky in-your-face pieces back and, to hide the bobby pins—this is key if you have to borrow someone else's darker/lighter bobbies—she teased a section of her hair over the part where she secured the plait.

Simple, and yet so cute!

What are some of your tricks for keeping hair grease-free and out of your face in the summer? Lately, we've been living by Amika's Perk Up Dry Shampoo ($21 at for extra volume and touch-ups throughout the day. Share yours in the comments!