Are You Doing THIS Before Getting Your Hair Colored? Don't.

Are You Doing THIS Before Getting Your Hair Colored? Don't.
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We're not sure about you, but one of our favorite things about going to get our hair colored (beside from, well, you know, finally having fresh color) is the fact that it's 100 percent totally A-OK to roll out of bed, throw your bedhead-y, un-washed hair up into a mangled topknot, and head into the salon.

After all, isn't it the cardinal rule of coloring to leave your locks dirty before going under the foils? Because natural oils help protect your scalp from irritation? Yes. That's true, BUT... Did you know that in the summer, when your sweat glands are working in overdrive, too-greasy roots might actually end up jeopardizing your color? Scary. And also true!

Celebrity hair colorist Joel Warren, co-owner of Warren-Tricomi Salons and L'Oréal Professionnel haircolor ambassador, let us in on this little-known secret: When the ingredients in hair color come into direct contact with sweat, the color begins to oxidize more rapidly, meaning your new hue may end up fading prematurely. (Yikes!) Also, if there's any chlorine still soaked up in your hair, it could cause a pretty funky reaction when it mixes with the hair color. (Read: Ruin your desired look.)

Long story, short: If you sweat buckets in the summer or you recently went for a dip in the pool, consider washing your hair (or having your colorist wash it for you) before you start slathering on the chemicals. If in doubt, call your salon ahead of time just to double check.

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