How to DIY Jennifer Lawrence's Sexy Loose Low Bun—It's Easier Than You Think!

At this year's Critics' Choice Awards, silver screen superstar Jennifer Lawrence wore her hair in this easy, beautiful, sexy tousled low bun. But while this updo might look complicated, it's one of the easiest hair DIYs ever!

Start with a haircut that's mid-length—long enough to pull into a ponytail and loop through once—but not so long that it'll take you 100 bobby pins to get it into a bun.

Here's what you'll need to DIY Jennifer Lawrence's low bun at home:

- A hairdryer if you're starting with wet hair
- A round brush if you're starting with wet hair
- A hair elastic
- 10-15 bobby pins
- Firm-hold hairspray
- Dry shampoo or hair texturizing spray for volume

Hairstylist Leah de Ment of Warren Tricomi Salons used L'Oreal Professionnel products.

If you're starting with wet hair, dry it, blowing your bangs forward with the round brush. Spritz your roots with dry shampoo or texturizing spray, and secure it into a low side ponytail behind your earlobe, on the opposite side of your part. Make sure the ponytail is high enough so you have some hair below it to anchor your bobby pins. The texturizing spray helps create grit in your hair—which makes the bobby pins stay better.

On your last go-around with the hair elastic, don't pull your hair all the way through. Leave a loop.

Your finished low-looped-ponytail will look something like this.

Using bobby pins, pin both the loop and some of the ends down around the elastic, hiding it.

Remember to leave a few ends out for a carefully curated messy look, like this.

For this hairdo, even though it looks messy, you'll want to secure it with a firm-hold hairspray—after all, you won't want it to move too much, or else it will fall down.

And there you have it! A Jennifer Lawrence-inspired low, messy bun. So pretty—and versatile enough to go from work to the red carpet.

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