The Big Bang Breakdown—Here’s How to Find the Best Fringe for Your Face

The Big Bang Breakdown—Here’s How to Find the Best Fringe for Your Face
(Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America, Larry Busacca/Getty Images North America, Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images North America)

Now that fall is almost here, it’s the perfect time to shake up your style and try something a little different with your strands. The simplest way? Snipping bangs, as they’ll totally transform your hair and give your entire look a new lease on life.

That’s where Mario Russo, owner & lead stylist of Salon Mario Russo in Boston, comes in. Here, he shares his top tips on three popular bang styles, including how to decipher which bangs are best for your face shape and hair type, and exactly what to ask your stylist for so you'll end up with the perfect fringe for you.

Blunt Bangs, Like Kelly Rowland
Posh yet oh-so-bold, the blunt bang is one that makes a statement, says Russo.

Best Face Type: For someone with an oval or square face, blunt bangs can be very flattering. To make the style less severe, angle off the sides of the bangs to be a bit longer than the rest of the fringe. This will help to better incorporate your bang into your hairstyle.

Ideal Haircut/Hair Type: If done correctly, blunt bangs can compliment both long and short haircuts. Typically, blunt bangs work best on women with thicker hair, so that there is enough hair to work with to really define and shape the bang.

Ask Your Stylist For: Heavy fringe that dusts just below the eyebrows.

Sideswept Bangs, Like Sophia Bush
Versatile and unassuming, the side swept bang compliments many different face and hair types, says Russo.

Best Face Type: A round face can benefit from a sideswept bang because it creates a flattering, angular look that will help to make your face appear longer.

Ideal Haircut/Hair Type: Whether you have thin or thick hair, side swept bangs can easily be styled and blow-dried off to the side of the face. Make sure your bang is cut thick, so that it doesn’t appear too soft or too wispy, which can be unflattering for a round face. Sideswept bangs work well with both long and short haircuts, especially cuts with layers and angles that provide the hair with more shape and definition.

Ask Your Stylist For: Soft, feathered bangs that sweep your cheekbone. Ask for a side part versus a center part to create more definition.

Wispy Bangs, Like Christa B. Allen
Playful and youthful, wispy bangs can be a great choice for someone who doesn’t want to commit to a full bang, says Russo.

Best Face Type: Heart-shaped faces can benefit from wispy fringe because of the way the hair is layered and feathered. This texture softens the shape of the face and wispy bangs are easy to style in multiple ways—off to the side, towards the face or brushed back.

Ideal Haircut/Hair Type: Thinner hair is ideal for light, wispy bangs because it can easily be cut and shaped to compliment the rest of your hairstyle. A mid-length cut with layers and angles compliments a wispy bang; the combination of the two makes for great movement in the hair.

Ask Your Stylist For: A soft bang that can easily be styled off to the side or pinned back. Incorporating an angular shape to the bang will make it most flattering when worn to the side. The shortest part of the bang should hit around your eyebrow, while the longest should hit around your ear.