Braid of the Day: Here's the Secret to DIY-ing Jessica Hart's Romantic Updo

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If you think extravagant updos are reserved for fancy occasions only—Jessica Hart would beg the differ. The Australian model stepped out with this beautifully-braided look last month, not for Fashion Week or even a Victoria's Secret shoot, she wore it, oh, just because.

See, here's the lovely lady just casually strolling through New York—also note how much we die for her slick shorts:

Bold braids are such a great way to invigorate your everyday beauty routine. Plus, if you blow dry, straighten, or curl your tresses multiple times a week, it gives your strands an off-day from all the harmful heat. So in other words, we're saying you should give this look a try!

To get a perfect updo like Hart's, the key is to start with day-old hair. The natural oils in your strands keep the braids from slipping and sliding out of place, and slightly-dirty strands tease easier—meaning less damage!

What do you do to switch up your beauty routine? Do you even switch it up at all? And what about braids—would you ever wear something like this to work, or are updos more for special occasions? Let's discuss in the comments below!