Braid of the Day: Christina Aguilera's Dip-Dyed Side Knot (Love it or Loathe it Edition!)

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Not all braids are created equal—some are sweet and romantic (like here and here), while others operate on a-whole-nother level.

See Exhibit A: Christina Aguilera's fierce 'do. From the singer's electric-pink highlights to the off-beat placement of her braided bun, this plait is certainly much more punk than princess.

The Voice judge wore this vibrant style—along with a pair of patriotic star-spangled jeans—to dinner in LA on Monday with BF Matthew Rutler and her reality TV co-star Blake Shelton. From one side, her lively locks looked just like any other, dare we say "normal," dip-dyed 'do:

But when she turned her head, the singer revealed the swirly, abstract side knot, made complete with a cascading braided strand. Here's another look:

What do you think about Aguilera's bright braided 'do? Edgy-hot or edgy-not? Cast your vote our poll and leave your thoughts in the comments, below!

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