Hair Heads-Up: Styling Tool to Get Lady Gaga's Look

Hair Heads-Up: Styling Tool to Get Lady Gaga's Look
(Credit: Glamour)

In case you missed the announcement, Lady Gaga is on the cover of the December 2013 issue of Glamour. That means three things: 1) The glossy magazine has hailed her Woman of the Year, 2) Prepare for more Little Monster mania in 2014, and 3) Tightly crimped '80s-style hair is poised to make a comeback.

Know what all of that means? If you keep up with hair trends, you'll probably need to get yourself a crimper in 5, 4, 3, 2... 

Hair Heads-Up: Styling Tool to Get Lady Gaga's LookWhen we were younger, we fell head over heels in love with Gold `N Hot Professional Gold-Tone Crimping Iron 2 Inch ($19.99 at Not only does it create shallow, taut waves like the ones Gaga is sporting, if you happen to have fine or limp hair, you can actually use it to add texture to your roots to give a bit more natural-looking volume and body.

Here's how to use it: Mist your mane with a heat-protectant spray before clamping the iron down on your hair for no more than two seconds. You'll be left with a tight wave pattern that can be worn as is, or brushed out so it appears a tad bit looser. Either way you wear them, there's one BIG bonus here—your hair instantly looks much thicker than it actually is. (You're welcome!)