How to DIY Sarah Hyland's Big, Sexy Waves

Getting Sarah Hyland's big, beachy hair is way easier than you think! We enlisted the experts at Warren-Tricomi for their hair tips and tricks — did you know you're supposed to wrap your hair around the barrel then clamp? Mindblowing! — to bring you this easy-to-follow three-step DIY tutorial.

Sarah Hyland's Kardashian-style spirals are best achieved with long, superfluous locks.

Here's what you'll need to recreate Sarah Hyland's va-va-voom waves at home:

- A volumizing mousse
- Medium-hold hairspray
- A 1-1/4" curling iron
- A hair clip

Hairstylist Leah de Ment of the Warren Tricomi Salon used L'Oreal Professionnel products.

To get glamazon curls that last from day to night (and into the next the morning!) begin by raking a small handful of volumizing mousse through your hair, root to mid-shaft. Part hair straight down the center and let it air dry naturally — it's less damaging and it'll help hair to better hold curl.

Section your hair horizontally into two sections (an upper and a lower half). Using your hair clip, secure the top part up. Don't have a clip? We highly recommend it — unlike elastics, they won't crease your hair (at all!) while you're working on other parts of your head.

Instead of creating a classic banana curl — that's when you clamp your hair at the bottom and roll the barrel up — Sarah Hyland's waves are formed by wrapping your hair around the barrel (away from the face) then clamping down. Leave the ends out, though, so all of the volume is at the middle of your hair.

Here's a better peek at how to hold the curling iron — see how she's wrapping the around the top portion of the barrel? Clamp still open? That's how to do it!

Also, keep uncurled portions together using your clip as you make your way from side to side, bottom to top. It's easy to lose track of what pieces you've styled, especially the sections behind your head. (The worst!)

Use your fingers to brush and smooth out the waves. Lock the look in place with a spritz of medium-hold hairspray.

And there you have it! Big, beachy Kardashian-style hair that works from desk to dusk.

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