How to Get Jessica Chastain's Red Hair Color

How to Get Jessica Chastain's Red Hair Color
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With just about, oh, everyone joining the redhead club in Hollywood lately — Rachel McAdams, Ariel Winter, Shailene Woodley, Dianna Agron, Megan Fox, Coco Rocha, to name a few — we have a feeling you maaaybe might be tempted to give the color a try. (We were!)

So, we caught up with celebrity hair colorist Negin Zand of Salon Benjamin in LA to get her expert advice on how you can get the star's fiery hue at home — and perhaps, more importantly, how to determine if her red hue works for you.

Read on for Zand's tips!

How to Get Jessica Chastain's Red Hair Color
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StyleBistro: Jessica's hair is so beautiful! What's the exact shade you used on her?

Zand: She's a natural redhead, obviously, so I enhanced her hair a little bit with a golden copper and a clear gloss. The brand I use is L’Oréal Professionnel DIA Light, it's a semi-permanent dye.

SB: We've heard semi-permanents and glosses are the way to go with red if you're nervous. Is that true?

Zand: Definitely. If you're scared to go red, you could do highlights with a red gloss over the hair—just to give them a feel of being a little warmer instead of going for a full-blown base. I recommend trying a warmer copper with golden tones, then use a reddish gloss so it's not as much of a commitment. It's easier to go back to what you were that way.

SB: Going red with an at-home coloring kit, is there a right way to do it?

Zand: I wouldn't do it at home. Red is by far the hardest color to make look natural. It can get too pink, too red, too brown, too hot at the roots, too sullen at the ends. It's definitely a tricky color — especially the first time you go red, I'd see a colorist.

SB: What's the a trick to making red hair, like Jessica's, look natural?

Zand: Always only go one or two shades lighter, try a golden coppery hue to give it movement and dimension. If you want it lighter, you want gold — nothing ashy. [Ash makes red dull.] I do the balayage technique so it grows out really, really naturally, too. Even my blondes can go a while without a touch-up.

SB: Who does red hair look best on?

Zand: It's a very specific skin tone. You have to have the freckles and the pink in your skin. You can't be olive. And you have to make sure your red is only one or two shades lighter than your natural color — I'm known for making my hair look as natural as possible it can look fake if you go too dark. [Side note: This is why Jessica Chastain's red looks so flawless!] Natural blondes tend to work well with red because of this.

SB: I read somewhere that women with acne or flushed skin shouldn't go red. Is that not the case?

Zand: I disagee. If you look at people who have red hair, like say Nicole Kidman, she has a lot of pink in her skin, and it works! If you're yellow or olive or yellowy-green, those are the skin tones that don't work well — or look natural — with red.

SB: What's the most important thing to take into consideration when going red?

Zand: Maintenance. Upkeep. How often you have to go in to the salon. It has to go with your lifestyle. If someone can't come in and keep up with maintenance, you're better off not doing it.

Stay tuned for maintenance advice, product recommendations, and more — right here on StyleBistro! — as we continue on with our Hair Color Theme Week!