In Which Cher Lloyd Owns One Look We Haven't Done Since 10th Grade

(Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images North America)

Cute British singer Cher Lloyd has been quite making a name for herself Stateside lately. Aside from a brand spanking new pair of veneers, the pint-sized chantuese has stayed true to her quirky, English, '80s-glam sense of style, one that has really set her apart from the rest.

She even styles her hair in a throwback way. Case in point, check out the placement of her tendrils. Whereas most celebs purposefully leave a few strands of hair loose around the forehead to frame the face, Cher opted to let her wisps hang loose just in front of her ears. We used to do that in high school! We'd totally forgotten how youthful and cute this simple little styling trick is. Perhaps the next time we throw our hair up into a topknot or bun, we'll remember to do the same.