How Gorgeous Are Kerry Washington's Subtle Highlights?

How Gorgeous Are Kerry Washington's Subtle Highlights?
(Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images North America)

As the season three premiere of Scandal hits the small screen tonight, Kerry Washington has been out and about much more than usual making the rounds to promote her hit show. When we saw these snaps of her on the red carpet at The Paley Center in New York (she was being honored), we noticed something in her hair that we'd never really seen before: slight highlights.

If you look closely (blink and you'll miss them), you'll see subtle, dark auburn curls peppered in with her natural black hair hue. They've added a bit of depth and dimension to her hair and makes it all look a lot fuller.

Wondering why? Because the peroxide in hair dye swells the hair shaft, so the dyed strands are actually a tad bit thicker than those that aren't colored. Let that be a lesson to those of you whose manes fall on the thinner side; dye a few sections to thicken it up!