Should Donald Trump Get a New Hairdo? Vote Here!

(Getty Images) Donald Trump at the Miss Universe pageant in December

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being "Most Aware of How Bad His Hairstyle Is," we'd rate Donald Trump a pretty solid 0. The Trumpster's legendary too-long maybe-dyed baby-fine combover-to-end-all-combovers has not only become the real estate developer/TV mogul's defining physical characteristic, but also the butt of thousands of jokes.

See how it wafts behind him in the wind?

(Getty Images) Donald Trump in Miami this month

We'd guess-timate that front piece—that reaches all the way to the back of his head—measures in at at least 8":

(Fame FlyNet) Donald Trump at Letterman late last year

In spite of it all, Trump still manages to style his hair different ways for different occasions. We detect a slight wave and tousle here:

(Getty Images) Donald Trump at the Celebrity Apprentice All Stars press conference

Anyway, today's question of the day—and it's not ours, it's his—is: Should Donald Trump change his hair? Yeah, we were surprised he brought it up, too:

We're pretty torn. Donald Trump's hair has been, um, DONALD TRUMP'S HAIR(bold, all caps) for as long as we can remember. Without his fluffy butter-blonde topper, how would we pick him out of a crowd? And what other hairstyle could Donald Trump possibly adopt? A short crewcut? A middle part? Maybe a perm?

So, what do you think? Should Donald Trump get a new haircut? Vote here. And, if you have any suggestions for what he should try next, by all means, leave it in the comments section below.
Poll: Should Donald Trump change his hairstyle?
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  • No way! The Donald's hairdo is iconic, it would be a crime to mess with a NYC landmark.
  • For the love of God, yes. It's about time!
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