Can You Guess The Latest Celeb To Join The Lavender Ladies Club?

(Source: Ireland Baldwin/Instagram)
We definitely didn't see this hair trend coming. But lavender hair is now taking the beauty world by storm. Last week Nicole Richie took the violet plunge, and this week another lovely lady has decided to hop on board the purple-hair-don't-care wagon. Can you guess who is behind that purple shag? 

(Source: Ireland Baldwin/Instagram)Well, if you said Ireland Baldwin, you'd be correct. The former blonde beauty posted a pic on Instagram of her freshly dyed locks. The bold dye job can be credited to Justin Andersson, a colorist at the Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills. Although, we would have never guessed purple could look so cool, we're strangely into the electric hue.

The lilac shade has just a touch of pale blue at the tips, which gives it dimension and makes it look super chic. Not at all the punk, rebel-without-a-cause look we were expecting. But what do you think of purple hair? Would you ever join the lavender ladies club? Vote below.
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