How to DIY Sarah Hyland's Ballet Bun in Two Minutes Flat

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Sarah Hyland might play a bratty, angsty teen on Modern Family—even though, let's be honest, how can you not love Haley—but the doe-eyed 22-year-old actress was all sweetness on the red carpet this weekend.

Hyland enchanted at the 2012 Trevor Live event in a ballerina-pink bow-bedecked Erin Fetherston dress with glistening satin Giuseppe Zanotti heels. To take the look full circle, she finished it off with an classic cat-eye, sheer lipgloss, and an effortlessly-chic ballet bun:

Sarah+Hyland in
Sarah Hyland at The Trevor Project's 'Trevor Live' event (Getty Images)more pics »
To get the perfect ballerina bun every single time, the trick is to use a hair donut. The squishy mesh rings look totally goofy and, well, kind of mind-boggling upon first glance, but hear us out, they're heaven-sent for maintaining hold and shape—from either 9 to 5.
ASOS Small Hair Donut ($8.80 at

Once you've obtained your time-saving bun-making tool—they're available at most fast-fashion retail shops, drugstores, or you can get this $5 Conair 6-piece kit (our fave!) at—follow these simple steps to get a gorgeous bun in less than 2 minutes.

Step 1: Pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with a small elastic.

Step 2:
Using a donut that matches your hair color, slip your ponytail through the hole and hold in place. (Yes, we realize this is extremely phallic... Moving on.)

Step 3: Take your ponytail and disperse hair evenly around the donut. Secure strands to the donut with U-shaped bobby pins to create a basic bun silhouette.

Step 4: Wrap leftover strands around the base of the bun, pinning in place as necessary—the more strands you leave undone, the edgier and messier your bun will look.

Step 5: Spritz the style down with your everyday hairspray, and you've got a prim and polished look just like that.

Need proof? Here's what our finished ballet hair looks like with two different-sized donuts:

Little donut:

BIG donut:

There you have it—even with the giganto verison our hair withstood a full day at the office, plus a facial appointment that evening!

Are you a fan of the ballet bun look? Do you have any of your own bun-master secrets you're willing to share? Sound off in the comments, below!