Red Carpet Ready: Get Maria Menounos’s Red Carpet Look

(Source: Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America) Sexy hair is synonymous with long waves. Maria Menounos got it right with her flowing locks and flirty side part. Her curls have body without overpowering her petite frame, and I love how they fall without looking stiff or manipulated. I also like how the shorter pieces around her face fall just below her cheekbones to balance her face shape. Day or night, dress or pants, this is one style that can be worn any time, anywhere. Straight from me, The Beauty Girl, to you, here’s how to get the look:  

Step 1) On damp hair, work in L’Oreal Paris CURVE IT Elastic Mousse from roots to ends to help define the curl and add body. 

Step 2) For added volume, tease the back section of hair and then spray L’Oreal Paris BOOST IT High Lift Creation Spray at the roots. Create a side part.

Step 3) Take a medium-size curling iron, and, starting where your hair hits your cheekbones, curl a section of hair away from your face.

Step 4) Repeat with the next section of hair, but this time curl toward your face. Alternating directions creates more natural looking bends.

Step 5) After curling the entire head, gently run fingers through the curls to loosen the kinks and blend all of the sections.

Step 6) Spray hair with L’Oreal Paris LOCK IT Bold Control Hairspray to smooth fly-aways and keep strands in place.

(Source: Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America)