Your Morning Hairspiration: Rita Ora's Banging Bob

Your Morning Hairspiration: Rita Ora's Banging Bob
(Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America)

First things first: When Rita Ora hit the red carpet last night at the 2013 MTV VMAs, we took one hell of a triple-take. We can't be the only ones who initially thought it was Beyonce (who debuted her own blonde bob just last week) unexpectedly gracing us with her presence... Between the sense of style, skin tone, hair cut and color, those two look sooooo much alike. Seriously, it's way too hard to tell them apart these days!

But we digress. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but is that still the case when the copy-cut is a tad bit better than the original?

Here's the thing: 
While Queen Bey's beautiful blob (blonde bob) is asymmetrical and angular, the shape of Rita's coif is blunt and straight, making it decidedly less dramatic, thus much more palatable and wearable for the masses.

Plus, there's a little lift at the roots that gives her bob an extra boost of volume and body, and she's doing that sexy little hair trick we discussed a few weeks back—the tress tuck. (Have you tried it yet?)

Are we alone in believing that Rita beat Beyonce in the battle of the blobs?