Braid of the Day: How to DIY Kim Kardashian's Teased Side Braid in 3 Easy Steps

(Photos by Getty)

Last night at the 2012 Angel Ball in NYC, Kimye stood out as one of the best dressed duos in attendance—shocked, anyone?

Kanye West ditched his V-necks and sneaks for a well-pressed suit, sleek leather loafers, and a black bow tie. Kan's fashion project, er, girlfriend Kim Kardashian also opted for elegance by trading in her bralette top and see-through skirt for a cleavage-bearing, thigh-high-slitted dress. (C'mon she still had to show a little skin, right?)

Either way, 32-years-old suits the reality star, who just celebrated her birthday on Sunday, well. Check out Kimye's full look:

We're not exactly sure how we feel about the billowy sleeves, but we do know one thing as fact—Kimmie's messy braid is super-chic. Love it, too? Here's how you can steal her hairstyle:

Step 1: To get your hair large and in charge like Kardashian's, you'll need to run some voluminizing powder through your strands. We adore Not Your Mother's Girl Powder Voluminizing Hair Powder ($6 at Just shake a small amount of the powder onto dry hair and roots, then lift and tousle it through for instant volume.

Step 2: Now that your hair is prepped, use a small teasing comb to fluff your strands as big as possible. Brush them back just a smidge, and begin to braid—letting pieces fall out as you go along.

Step 3: Finish off the style with an itty-bitty elastic and a spritz of aerosol hairspray, which will lock the look in place without making it moppy and wet. Redken Quick Dry 18 Instant Finishing Spray ($17 at offers amazing hold and doesn't weigh your hair down.

There you have it! Will you be giving Kim Kardashian's messy braid a try? And what do you think about Kimye's Angel Ball ensemble—love or loathe? Sound off in the comments below!