Braid of the Day: Charlotte Jackson's Super-Easy Trick to Pretty-ing Up a Basic Ponytail

(Photos by Getty)

The standard braided-bangs-ponytail is a one and done kind of deal. You separate three strands, twist 'em together, pin, and poof—you've got a braided pony.

Not one for the ordinary, though, Charlotte Jackson made us a do a major double-take— literally!—when we saw her latest look. The beautiful hazel-eyed British TV presenter wore, not one, but two braids along the side of her ombre mane at last night's Gambit World Premiere.

She didn't stop there, though. Jackson finished off the pretty pony with a cascade of big barrel curls. See for yourself:

We love this super-gussied-up version of the basic side-pony, especially because it's so simple to DIY! We're definitely using this trick during our next bad hair day—hey, maybe even our next good one! (Maybe tomorrow? Hm...)

Tell us, what tricks do you use to pretty up your ponytail? Have you ever double-braided your bangs back? We're dying to know! Share your secrets in the comments, below.