How to Steal Busy Philipps' Hairstyle for Your Next Office Party

(Photo by Getty)

Don't expect Busy Philipps to pull a Kate Middleton and disappear now that she's announced there's a baby bun in her oven.

The Cougar Town actress embraced the spotlight last night while announcing the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations, showing off an excited expectant-mother glow—and maybe just a smidge of a baby bump!—in the process. (Squint hard, what do you think?)

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations
And yet we weren't really even staring at her belly—we couldn't take our eyes off the actress' softly-curled half-up 'do. Philipps isn't shy when it comes to testing the hairstyle waters. One moment she's sporting a sharp center-parted style, the next a no-holds-barred fishtail halo. For last night's look, all we kept thinking was, "Man, how gorgeous would this hair be for an office party?"

It's sophisticated, super-youthful, and it photographs well—which is obvs the key for these sorts of shindigs. You definitely don't want co-workers chuckling about your bald-looking head in every picture. (Thanks, pulled-back ponytail...) Are we right or are we right?

Here's another angle:

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations

When styling this 'do, make sure to form an "X" with your bobby pins—criss-crossing them one over the other as you pin back your tresses. This little trick will help keep hair in place all night, even if Carla-from-the-cubicle-over convinces you to down one too many champers. Finish with a spritz of gloss-enhancing hairspray for light-catching shine and extra hold.

How are you wearing your hair to your office party this year? Is this a look you'd be willing to try? And just how adorable did Busy Philipps look at the announcements last night? Share your thoughts in the comments, below!