Braid of the Day: The Secret Product That'll Help You DIY a Colorful Braid Like Jordin Sparks

(Photos by Getty)

There's no easier way to take a basic side braid from ehhh to oooh than adding a bright burst of color—just take Jordin Sparks' word for it! The stunning singer gave her slicked-back style at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards 2012 lots of extra oomph with fiery ombre locks.

Along with her fantasmic braid, which oh-so-subtly faded from raven to red, the American Idol alum looked ravishing in a curve-clinging LBD with glossed lips, pink cheeks, and dramatic false lashes:

To get the colorful look at home—hey, Halloween is just around the corner, after all!—we're huge fans of Streekers temporary hair color ($11.95 at Its easy-to-apply liquid formula comes in, get this, a dispenser that looks just like a lip-gloss wand, and the colors are truly temporary—everything comes out in one wash!

Here's a pretty blue hue we've been playing with lately:

Streekers come in pink, ultra-violet, red, blue, purple, green, yellow, and orange. Once you pick your poison, just glide the wand over the braided sections you want to spruce up—and ta-da! Just keep in mind, the lighter your locks, the bolder the color will turn out.

What temporary hair color products do you love? Do you have any personal secrets for amping up a basic braid? Spill in the comments!